継続は力なり!  毎日の心がけ、そして、練習が大切なんですね。

 I  respect him !

"The first photo is from 2009. When I started doing Bikram yoga regularly I was just over 240 pounds. I could not pick up my foot in standing head to knee pose. I tried day after day until I could reach my foot. Then I started trying to interlacing all my fingers under my foot. Step by step, the posture began to seem more possible and I started kicking my leg out.

Apart from relieving pain in my finger joints from typing, I've lost almost 50 pounds. I feel generally more relaxed and I sleep much better. When I've had a bad day at work I may have a tough time doing class but I always feel better after the class. I cannot say enough about the physical and mindful benefits I've have realized; I find it difficult to maintain focus every time I take class - it doesn't get easier, but you get stronger and improve your postures over time. I'm fortunate to have an opportunity to practice regularly here in Bonita."